SoloPower’s Flexible Solar Cells Receive Certification

John Davis

California solar cell maker SoloPower received ETL certification for its next-generation, thin, flexible SF1, SP1, and SP3L SoloPanels to UL 1703 and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. Company officials say this just adds to to its track record on flexible solar modules: [Tim Harris, CEO, of SoloPower says,] “It represents another step towards our goal of making solar the …

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Solar Power for Cell Phones

Joanna Schroeder

Looking for a new way to charge your cell phone? Then look no further than the sun. Solio has released an improved universal Solar Charger for all electronic devices, including your phone, that stores power for up to one year and never overcharges. This device sounds perfect for places that are lacking outlets, like airports, airplanes and restaurants three of …

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New Fuel Economy Standards May Benefit Ethanol

Joanna Schroeder

Today the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) signed a joint final rule that establishes greenhouse gas emission standards and corporate fuel economy standards for light duty vehicles for model years 2012-2016. This National Fuel Efficiency Policy requires passenger cars and light trucks to get an overall average of 35.5 miles per gallon (mpg) by 2016 …

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GPS App Finds 85 Percent Ethanol Stations

Cindy Zimmerman

Want to know where you can buy E85? There’s an app for that now. The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) today launched a new application for Garmin GPS units that that maps out the location of E85 (85% ethanol/15% gasoline) for users with flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs). “The most frustrating thing for many FFV owners is not knowing where they can fill …

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MotionPower Moves to Big Rigs

John Davis

A couple of weeks ago, Joanna told you about how a company had installed a system that would capture the energy of cars and light trucks that went through a fast-food drive through (see her post from Sept. 14, 2009). Now, New Energy Technologies has announced it has successfully tested its MotionPower technology for generating electricity from the movement of …

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Burger King Tests Motion Power Prototype

Joanna Schroeder

New Energy Technologies, has successfully tested its MotionPower technology for generating electricity from the motion of cars and light trucks, in conjunction with a Burger King restaurant in Hillside, New Jersey. The durability field-test was conducted between September 3-7th and is one of the last steps needed prior to its commercial launch. “It would be great to generate clean electricity …

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Company Touts ‘Dual Fuel’ as Green Solution

John Davis

An Iowa-based energy company is claiming that its one-of-a-kind technology is a solution America needs as the country looks to reduce greenhouse emissions and lower energy costs, while helping put people back to work. American Power Group’s “dual fuel” blends diesel (which should have the ability to use biodiesel, right) and compressed natural gas or methane: APG’s technology couldn’t come …

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Waste Management Investment in Terrabon Technology

Cindy Zimmerman

Waste Management, Inc. has become the latest company to invest in waste-to-fuel conversion technology developed by Terrabon. Waste Management, the leading provider of comprehensive waste management and environmental services in North America, joins Valero Energy Corporation, the largest refiner in North America, which also invested in Terrabon in April 2009 and recently increased its investment in Terrabon. This investment from …

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Food, Fuel and Future in Wisconsin

Cindy Zimmerman

“Food—Fuel—Future” is the theme for this year’s Wisconsin Farm Technology Days coming up July 21-23, 2009, in Waterloo, Wisconsin. This year, the state’s largest agriculture exposition takes place at The Crave Brothers Farm in southern Dodge County. The Crave Brothers are living examples of the event theme of “Food—Fuel—Future.” Since 2002, they have increased milk production on their family farm, …

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Ohio State Students Win EcoCAR Competition

Joanna Schroeder

A team of students from Ohio State University are in the lead after the first phase of the three-year EcoCar: the NeXt Challenge that took place last week in Toronto, Canada. The actual challenge was to convert a Saturn VUE into an electric vehicle with increased fuel economy and lower tailpipe emissions. The team from Ohio State utilized a battery …

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