U.S. Navy Completes Sea Trial with Renewable Diesel

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The Navy is advancing its commitment to renewable fuels. Recently a Navy ship operated on a 100 percent drop-in renewable diesel fuel produced by Applied Research Associates (ARA) and Chevron Lummus Global. The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division’s (NSWC PHD) Self Defense Test Ship (SDTS) completed final-phase testing of ReadiDiesel, a 100 percent  renewable biofuel. One objective of …

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UPS Drives 1 Billion Miles with Alternative Fuels

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One year earlier than expected, UPS has driven over 1 billion miles using its various alternative fueled fleet. It’s “Rolling Laboratory” included more than 7,200 vehicles ranging from pedal power and electric-assisted bicycles, to electric and hybrid vehicles to natural gas, renewable natural gas, propane and renewable diesel. The “fuel” option is tailored for the geography from dense urban areas …

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Ensyn Corp Receives CARB Approval

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Ensyn Corporation has receive regulatory approval from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for the use of Renewable Fuel Oil (RFO) as a feedstock for refineries in California for the production of renewable gasoline and renewable diesel. The approvals come as part of the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). RFO is a collaboration between Ensyn, Tesoro Corporation and Chevron. …

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Neste’s Renewable Diesel Takes on Italian Alps

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Renewable diesel is taking on the Arctic-like conditions of Northern Italy’s Alps. This news release from renewable energy producer Neste says oil and gas retailer Tamoil is using the renewable diesel at a 20 percent blend in its arctic diesel mix. “We are happy to be able to help our customer Tamoil to be the first in Northern Italy to …

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Italian Company Debuts ‘Better Than Biodiesel’ Fuel

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An Italian company is the first in the world to turn an oil refinery into a biofuel plant. This news release from energy company Eni says it has rolled out Eni Diesel + at more than 3,500 fuel stations all over Italy. Using the Ecofining™ technology it owns (developed in 2006 in the San Donato Milanese laboratories, in cooperation with …

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Oregon Starts Push for Renewable Diesel

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The state government in Oregon is using a combination of incentives and technical expertise to support adoption of renewable diesel. This news release from the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) says some of the results of the initiatives include reduced emissions and a decrease in fleet maintenance for the Eugene Water & Electric Board, which began testing this innovation in …

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Neste’s Renewable Diesel to Power Super Bowl City

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Plenty of jaw-dropping action from this weekend’s NFL playoffs, as we get closer to knowing who will be playing in in Super Bowl 50. While we don’t know the final match-up just yet, we already know that the game’s host city, San Francisco, is scoring ecological points by running on renewable diesel. This news release from Neste says its NEXBTL …

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Renewable Diesel Approved for Mack Trucks

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Mack Trucks says renewable diesel is cleared for use in all Mack engines. This article from Today’s Trucking says the decision comes following “extensive truck and engine testing” by the company. “As the availability and customer requests for renewable diesel fuel increase, we worked to ensure its compatibility with our engines,” said Stu Russoli, Mack highway and powertrain products marketing …

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San Fran Change to Renewable Diesel Complete

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San Francisco’s city fleet is off of petroleum. This news release from Mayor Edwin M. Lee says the City and County of San Francisco has completely replaced it with renewable diesel, a change that will achieve a significant 50 percent greenhouse gas emissions reduction. “As the global climate negotiations conclude, San Francisco and cities worldwide must continue to lead by …

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Volvo OKs Use of Renewable Diesel

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Truck maker Volvo has given the green light the use of renewable diesel in its proprietary engines. This company news release says it is the first to endorse the use of renewable diesel, and the green fuel will offer environmental and cost-savings benefits to customers. “Environmental care is a core value of Volvo Trucks, and we are pleased to offer …

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