Hydrite Launches Innovative Formulation for Ethanol Industry

Carrie Muehling

Hydrite Chemical Co. launches a new product line for use in the fuel ethanol industry. The integrated manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and related services announces its new Hydri-Maize™ catalyzed bisulfite product line for scrubber applications that will decrease plant emissions, decrease energy costs and freshwater consumption, and debottleneck operations. All Hydri-Maize™ catalyzed bisulfite products are made in the USA …

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Husker Ag Hits Billion Gallon Milestone

Cindy Zimmerman

Husker Ag LLC in Plainview, Nebraska recently produced its one-billionth gallon of ethanol, a milestone noted by the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA). “I couldn’t be more proud of the work that the staff has delivered over the last three years to achieve the goals set forth by the Board of Directors to increase gallons, improve our yield and lower our …

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E15 Final Rule: Next Steps

carrie muehling

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has removed regulatory barriers allowing access to E15 fuel year-round. Representatives of the Renewable Fuels Association and other industry stakeholders shared information about the future of E15 and what this ruling means for retailers and consumers. Panelists included: Geoff Cooper, President and CEO, Renewable Fuels Association; Neil Koehler, RFA Board Chairman and CEO of Pacific …

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EPA Final Rule Details

Cindy Zimmerman

EPA Assistant Administrator Bill Wehrum provided details to reporters Friday morning of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) final rule related to retail sales of 15% ethanol blended fuel and renewable identification number (RIN) transparency. EPA finalized regulatory changes to allow gasoline blended with up to 15 percent ethanol (E15) to take advantage of the 1-psi Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) waiver …

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Ethanol Report on Year Round E15

Cindy Zimmerman

The Renewable Fuels Association is celebrating the start of summer and a new era for higher blends of ethanol with the Environmental Protection Agency’s final rule granting a Reid Vapor Pressure waiver for 15 percent ethanol (E15) to allow retail sales of the fuel in the summer. In this edition of The Ethanol Report podcast, (RFA) president and CEO Geoff …

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Ethanol Industry Applauds Final Rule Allowing Year-Round E15

Cindy Zimmerman

Ethanol industry stakeholders are thrilled with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) final rule allowing retailers to sell gasoline containing 15% ethanol (E15) year-round. “E15 already has a proven track record for saving drivers money at the pump and reducing emissions, and today’s action will ensure that more Americans are able to enjoy those benefits. Year-round E15 will also provide …

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Nebraska Governor to Kick Off ACE Conference

Cindy Zimmerman

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts will be the keynote speaker for the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) 32nd annual conference August 14-16 in Omaha. Governor Ricketts will kick off the general session on Wednesday, August 15, welcoming attendees and providing an update on how Nebraska is advancing ethanol in the marketplace. “For decades, ethanol has been an amazing success story, helping …

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Corn Growers Sponsor FUELS2019

Cindy Zimmerman

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) was a proud sponsor of the Fuels Institute FUELS2019 conference in Dallas last week, which provided attendees with the opportunity to take a deep dive into topics around internal combustion engines, the future of retail, biofuels and more. FUELS2019 explored the market through a series of panel discussions and presentations that evaluated the pressures …

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