New Biofuel Station Coming to Inwood, Iowa

Joanna Schroeder

A new biofuel station will soon be coming to Inwood, Iowa. Oak Street Station, when completed, will offer higher blends of ethanol and biodiesel to motorists. More specifically, the station will offer ethanol blends E10, E15, E30 and E85, as well as biodiesel blends B5 and B99.9 for independent jobbers and special use customers. “We’re excited to have received a …

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Brazilian Mid-Level Ethanol Blends Beneficial

Joanna Schroeder

According to a recent report published in Nature Geoscience, when drivers in Sao Paulo switched from ethanol to pure gasoline, there was a 20 percent reduction in local ozone levels in urban areas. However, all gasoline in Brazil is blended with ethanol and upon further review, the report actually showed that using med-level ethanol blends (E25) ozone levels improved. Steve …

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Iowans Increase Use of Higher Blends of Renewables

Joanna Schroeder

New data from the Iowa Department of Revenue shows major growth in the use of higher-level blends of ethanol and biodiesel in 2013. The report showed 2013 sales of pure biodiesel (B100) increased 24 percent over 2012, setting a new record of 28.9 million gallons. Biodiesel also saw a 21 percent increase in blended gallons sold, with immense growth in …

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Farmers Co-op Breaks Ground on Renewable Fuels Station

Joanna Schroeder

Farmers Cooperative Company has broken ground on the future site of its new Mount Ayr, Iowa renewable fuels retail location. The station will offer consumers higher blends of ethanol and biodiesel including ethanol blends E10, E15 as a registered fuel, E30 and E85, as well as biodiesel blends B10, B20 and B99 for jobbers and special use customers. “The price …

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Patriot Out Front with Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

Patriot Renewable Fuels wants to be the “poster child” for other ethanol plants when it comes to marketing higher blends in their own communities. You might remember Darrell Rakestraw as the veteran we interviewed last fall about the EPA proposal to lower the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). When we spoke to him last week at his first National Ethanol Conference, …

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State Level Blend Walls Update

Cindy Zimmerman

The phrase “all politics is local” seems like it sure could apply to some of the decisions to overcome the ethanol blend wall. Challenges to increasing ethanol in the marketplace exist on the state level as well as the federal level, and participants at the National Ethanol Conference learned more about efforts to break down the blend wall in various …

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NEC Breaking Down Blend Wall Panel

Cindy Zimmerman

Tying in to the first part of the theme “Falling Walls, Rising Tides”, the second panel at the 2014 National Ethanol Conference was focused on Breaking Down the Blend Wall. The panel, moderated by Renewable Fuels Association Director of Market Development Robert White, featured infrastructure experts who discussed efforts underway to expand options for retailers and overall availability of ethanol …

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Minnesota Gets First Biodiesel Blender Pumps

John Davis

Minnesota gets its first biodiesel blender pumps with some help from the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC). Staples Enterprises in Heron Lake has the pumps offering up to 20 percent biodiesel blends. “The store and the blender pumps have actually been in operation since January and we’re promoting biodiesel now during our fall celebration,” said Daric Zimmerman, Retail …

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Iowa Looks to Expand Ethanol, Biodiesel Blends

John Davis

Officials in Iowa are looking to up the choices consumers will have when filling up with ethanol and biodiesel. Gov. Terry Branstad announced a new public-private partnership called “Fueling Our Future” that will use state dollars to leverage investments in existing renewable fuel infrastructure to establish more blender pumps containing E-30 and biodiesel at gas retailers around the state. “This …

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DF Cast: Ethanol Battles for Info & Against the Gov’t

John Davis

Understanding what the auto industry wants and needs… and how ethanol can meet that… all while battling Big Oil and even the government… that’s the daunting task the ethanol industry has been facing for some time. In this edition of the Domestic Fuel Cast, we talk with Dave Vander Griend, the co-founder and president of one of the world’s largest …

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