Gen. Colin Powell to Speak at Biotechnology Summer Conference

Laura McNamara

The state of sustainable agriculture in developing countries will be one of the main issues addressed at the BIO International Convention this summer. The Biotechnology Industry Organization is hosting the convention in San Diego from Tuesday, June 17 through Friday, June 20. Biotechnology leaders from around the globe will be descending upon San Diego, one of the leading biotech hubs …

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Georgia Power Fires Up Wood Biomass Plant

Laura McNamara

Wood-burning isn’t just great for pizza. It’s great for power. Georgia Power is using energy from wood biomass as part of its commitment to use independent renewable power producers. Georgia Power and Yellow Pine Energy Company, LLC, a biomass-fired facility to be located near Fort Gaines, Ga., recently signed a 20-year contract for electricity that will be generated from environmentally-friendly …

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Novozymes Introduces Cellulosic Strategy

Cindy Zimmerman

Demark-based biotech firm Novozymes has “introduced a five-step strategy to achieve economically viable cellulosic ethanol.” According to a news release, the strategy was unveiled at a press conference during the 4th Annual World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing in Orlando, Fla. The press conference was followed by a panel discussion featuring Per Falholt, Novozymes chief scientific officer; Maria Rapoza, …

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Study Finds Biotech Will Meet Food and Fuel Demands

Cindy Zimmerman

A National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy study suggests that biotechnology plays a vital role in meeting the increased demand for corn production for food, feed and fuel. According to the study, U.S. farmers gained an additional 8.3 billion pounds of yield last year due to biotech crops, including an extra 7.6 billion pounds of corn production, a 29 …

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Dupont/Bunge Announce Treus

Chuck Zimmerman

One of the big announcements here at the Farm Progress Show on opening day was from Bunge and Dupont who have a biotech alliance. Basically they’ve created a new brand, “Treus.” This is being done to “reflect their expansion of the companies’ soy collaboration beyond food and nutrition products to include industrial applications, biofuels and other opportunities.” Low linolenic soybean …

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Developing Corn For Ethanol

Chuck Zimmerman

Testing For StarchI just finished up a day at Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc. in Raleigh, NC. Although I blogged the event on AgWired I did run into an interesting story about ethanol. Syngenta is developing an amylase enzyme trait into corn which they hope to have on the market by 2008. In this picture a Syngenta scientist is conducting a simple iodine test for starch. That’s because the amylase enzyme speeds up starch conversion to sugar.

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Former CIA Director Talks Renewable Fuels at BIO

Chuck Zimmerman

R. James WoolseyThe plenary breakfast speaker today, R. James Woolsey, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton, Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, just finished speaking. He really focused on how biotechnology can play a role in our national security. Besides what most people probably think of first in terms of cures or innoculants for bio-terror induced disease he spent a while talking about energy and independence from terrorist controlled foreign oil.

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