OriginOil CEO: 2011 Year of Algae Bio-based Chemicals

John Davis

This year will be the year of bio-based chemicals made from algae … that according to the CEO of OriginOil, algae-to-biofuel maker. Riggs Eckelberry made the prediction on MoneyTV, an internationally-syndicated weekly business television program. “2011 is the year of biochemicals made from algae.” OriginOil on MoneyTV, 6 Jan 2011 from OriginOil on Vimeo. Eckelberry says some major players in …

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TetraVitae Announces n-Butanol Production Milestone

Joanna Schroeder

Butanol is not just for fuel. Today, TetraVitae Bioscience announced that it has successfully demonstrated its process to produce renewable n-butanol in a corn dry-mill pilot plant. The company says this is a major milestone for them in creating economically competitive renewable n-butanol for the coatings, plastics, personal care, and packaging industries. “With this achievement, TetraVitae has shown that producing …

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