Biden Wants Zero Emissions by 2025, or 2050

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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden expressed support for “complete zero emissions by 2025” by transitioning away from oil during the debate with President Donald Trump Thursday night.

“Because the oil industry pollutes significantly,” said Biden. “It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time.”

Biden mentioned solar and wind energy, but renewable fuels were not specifically mentioned by either candidate. Later in the segment on climate change, Biden stretched the deadline for zero emissions beyond 2025. “We have to move toward net zero emissions. The first place to do that by the year 2035 is in energy production, by 2050 totally.”

The former vice president also said he is does “rule out banning fracking,” but wants to make sure we can “capture the emissions from the fracking.”

Listen to some of the debate on energy here:
Presidential debate discussion on energy (2:16)

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  1. So he said what? I mean, for real, that is the best you democrats could come up with after 4 years with Trump? All he had to do was print his “plan” and read it. Not mumble words and dates that his campaign has to “correct” after each and every one of his public speaking events. What did they say after this debate? That he really meant we would use less oil by 2035, not be 100% off fossil fuels by 2025. Those statements are worlds apart!
    But Trump, saying the air is filthy in other countries. That the water is polluted. My God, we live on the same planet. The air and water are all connected. It takes very little intelligence to understand that.
    2 morons are the only choices for president of the USA? And the stock market is through the roof?

  2. When you fly from the U. S. into Mexico within 50 miles are tons of factories spewing toxins into the air. That stuff is causing the down pours in our country. There is no EPA in Mexico. How is charging us higher taxes on energy going to make Mexico come up with an EPA? Bill Clinton and the Democrats pushed the NAFTA agreement. 5 millions jobs were lost. The Bill Clinton pushed for China into the WTO. We lost 57,000 manufacturing companies and 25 million jobs. Thats why Hilary lost the last election. Minnesota was covered in ice years ago. Guess what? The climate changed for the better. Wake up, climate is always changing. How long have we been keeping records? Only 120 years or so. How do we know what the climate was 500 years ago.

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