Automotive Students Get Lesson in Biodiesel

John Davis

pittstate-logoStudents learning automotive technologies at a college in Kansas are learning about how to work with biodiesel. This story from KOAM-TV says students from Pittsburg State University are learning about the green fuel as more automakers are offering engines able to use more biodiesel.

Steven Benzel, an automotive technology major says the course gave him new insights into bio-diesel. He says, “It’s much cleaner but has the same power output. And I think it’s, maybe even it will get cheaper down the road. But right now it’s the better fuel of the two.”

Steven wants to design new cars and trucks. He and those studying mechanics are learning how biodiesel works in engines.

MARC IV Bio-based Innovations instructor, Steve Howell says, “It reduces the carbon dioxide in the air about eighty percent with the b100 about sixteen percent with the b20.”

And students learn how to fix engines running on bio-diesel

Scott Norman the associate professor of Automotive Technology at PSU says, “If someone’s making their own, not certified correctly, they could have engine problems. The filters could plug up in cold weather. There are some very unique problems you have to be aware of if you’re running bio-diesel in your vehicle.”

Most new biodiesel engines can take biodiesel blends of at least 20 percent.