AF Academy Candidates Test Their Biodiesel

John Davis

AFAThose who one day will go off into the wild blue yonder had a chance to test some green fuel – biodiesel. During the U.S. Air Force Academy Prep School’s Dean’s Challenge, cadet candidates tested their biodiesel to learn the applied chemistry of making and using the fuel.

During the Biodiesel Run off, 49 teams tested their alternative fuel made of vegetable oil by racing model cars providing by faculty.

“It’s a practical application of chemistry,” said Kevin McGregor, Prep School Science department head. “Students learned crucial concepts throughout the year on alternative fuels and had a week to prepare their own fuel.”

The competition included 13 preliminary rounds, a semi-final and final round. The winning team crossed the 55-yard course in seven seconds, according to McGregor.

“The cars were identical but the teams loaded their fuel,” he said.

Other activities during the Dean’s Challenge included a Poetry Slam and a Knowledge Bowl.