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Joanna Schroeder

  • BioEnergyBytesDFGreenbelt Resources Corporation has announced that it has successfully achieved its goal of raising $550,000 from individual qualified accredited investors. The investments were offered in the form of either restricted common stock or unsecured interest bearing convertible debentures, with substantially all of the proceeds directed to common stock purchases. The net proceeds will be used for working capital needs including the transition of the company’s existing R&D facility to an operational biorefinery. The funds will also allow Greenbelt Resources to conduct target market research to identify feedstocks that provide the highest potential financial returns from conversion to commercially viable products including advanced biofuels, feed and fertilizer.
  • The first comprehensive study of U.S. institutional investors’ appetite for green bonds was released by the Clean Energy Group and Croatan Institute, two national nonprofits. The study, “What Investors Want: How to Scale-Up Demand for US Clean Energy and Green Bonds,” provides a blueprint for growing the market for fixed-income securities to finance clean energy projects and solve climate problems. The study examined what institutional investors need – and identified the demand characteristics that must be met – in order to make the decision to purchase these financial instruments as part of a sound investment portfolio.
  • Continental Energy Corporation has been appointed manager of a U.S. $95,000 grant from the Rural Energy Agency of Tanzania. The grant is made under the Tanzania Energy Development Access program with funds provided by the World Bank and the Global Environmental Fund. The proceeds of the grant are to be used to conduct a site specific technical and environmental study for a Ruaha Power proposed two megawatt hybrid renewable energy generation and distribution network, or “Mini-Grid,” incorporating a mix of run-of-river hydropower, solar photovoltaic, and biomass gasifier technologies.
  • Korean-based S-Energy Co., has completed the installation and grid connection of 3.33 megawatts of solar carport structures at 2 Los Angeles County, California school districts. S-Energy America, the wholly owned U.S. operation of S-Energy, provides CVD-free Korean-made modules to major residential and commercial solar installers throughout North America, as well as development, financing and operations expertise to move solar projects to completion. Over 7,000 S-Energy PC8 72-cell modules were installed at 12 school facilities within the Lynwood Unified School District. Another 4,400 S-Energy high-performance solar modules were installed at 6 school facilities within the Bassett Unified School District in the City of La Puente. The solar installations will offset more than 50% of each school’s electricity usage.
Bioenergy Bytes