Murphy USA Expands E15, E85 and Biodiesel Iowa Offerings

logo-murphy-usaFuels retailer Murphy USA expands its list of stations offering E15, E85 and biodiesel in Iowa. The move to convert stations in Fort Dodge, Mason City, Clinton and Davenport, along with the previously converted Indianola location, won praise from the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA).

“It’s exciting to welcome four more Murphy USA fueling sites to the growing list of stations in Iowa providing more American-made fuel choices to motorists,” stated IRFA Managing Director Lucy Norton. “With five Murphy USA stations already converted, and another two stations on the way, motorists in seven large Iowa cities will have greater access to cleaner-burning, lower-cost ethanol and biodiesel blends.”

“Murphy USA is excited to expand our product offerings with E15 and E85,” stated Murphy UA Senior Retail Fuel Supply Specialist Jennifer Forbess. “We proudly support communities across the state of Iowa who have called for higher ethanol blends such as E15 and E85. Murphy USA will continue to pursue opportunities to offer the fuels our customer’s desire.”

The newly converted Murphy USA fueling sites are located at:

3010 1st Ave., South in Fort Dodge, IA
4059 4th St., SW in Mason City, IA
5805 Elmore Ave. in Davenport, IA
2346 Virginia Ave. in Clinton, IA

To meet summertime fuel regulations, E15 will initially be sold to flex-fuel vehicles throughout the summer driving season at Murphy USA locations and will be offered as a registered fuel to 2001 and newer vehicles starting in mid-September.

Murphy USA has 1,200 stations in 23 states. The chain already offers E10, a 10 percent ethanol blend, in three grades of gasoline at Iowa stations.

3 thoughts on “Murphy USA Expands E15, E85 and Biodiesel Iowa Offerings

  1. How are their prices? I see a lot of e85 stations, but many of these are priced very poorly, with someone along the supply chain siphoning off profits, and screwing the consumers. This makes the ethanol industry look bad, and makes the fuel look unrealistic as an alternative fuel.

    I hope that Murphy is playing this on the up and up.

  2. I’d like to see more out this way in California. I commute 160miles a day and would like to save a couple bucks per gallon while being eco friendly. Some race shops sell e85 but want an arm and a leg. Murphy USA come to CA please!

  3. Edit: I meant be the first out here to supply e15 there is already e85 but none supplying e15.