Ethanol Report on Cost Analysis

ethanol-report-adA new analysis by the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) shows that over the past four years, ethanol has been the most economically competitive motor fuel and octane source in the world.

rfa-cooper-headIn this Ethanol Report, RFA Senior Vice President Geoff Cooper gives some of the major findings of the report, talks about why it has particular relevance in the California market, and how the study suggests that the cost of producing ethanol in the US will continue to fall.

Ethanol Report on Cost Analysis

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2 thoughts on “Ethanol Report on Cost Analysis

  1. Ethanol is not less costly than petroleum gasoline if you compare them on a btu equivalent basis. It does not appear Mr. Cooper did a correct comparison. Ken Glozer

  2. Ken Glozer is correct — and you don’t need to take his word for it. Just dial up any DoE Clean Cities Alternative Fuel Price Report and look at Table 2 on page 3. In the most recent available report for Q1 2014, the reported prices were $3.65 per gasoline gallon-equivalent for gasoline and $4.82 for E85. And both of those prices are for blends, with gasoline being 90% gas and 10% EtOH while E85 is 15% gas and 85% EtOH. The “pure” unblended price for those numbers would be $3.49 for pure gasoline and $5.05 for pure EtOH on a mileage-equivalent basis. See the DoE reports at:

    Joseph Toomey
    Author, AN UNWORTHY FUTURE, 2014