Senator Hopeful About RFS

thune-thumb-2Sen. John Thune (R-SD) is hopeful the Environmental Protection Agency will make some changes in the proposed volume requirements for biofuels under the Renewable Fuel Standard this year.

“I just hope that the EPA will work with us, work with the industry, in a way that is realistic and grounded in the view that this is an industry that’s here to stay and we ought to be looking at ways we can continue to grow it,” said Thune during a press call with reporters this week.

Thune was one of several lawmakers who met with EPA officials last month about the proposal to lower volume obligations for renewable fuels in 2014. “I think we’ll get some relief from the meeting we had, perhaps, with regard to the direction they were heading for this year,” he said. “I’m hoping that they will make a decision that … moves us back to what we think is a more realistic volume level for this year.”

Listen to Thune’s remarks in this audio provided courtesy of Agri-Pulse. Sen. Thune RFS comments

2 thoughts on “Senator Hopeful About RFS

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  2. His hope is that RFS quotas will be reduced that makes Senator Thune (R-SD) “optimistic”, the fraqing frenzy going on in the Dakotas should be warming his heart if we were pursuing the Pickens dream of switching heavy trucks, buses and other short haul delivery vehicles to run on natural gas (Pickens still own as ton of it) (rather, Pickens still owns a few billion tons of it) I was opposed to this “plan” initially, but I have come to believe that it would be a good interim step towards a cleaner environment while biofuels ramp up to take the place of fossil fuels (yes, natural gas is a fossil fuel, but at least it is a relatively clean burning fossil fuel). I do still object to the fact that Pickens doesn’t acknowledge the fossil origins of natural gas in his grand scheme (which also includes wind power, in which he has invested many more billions, as well), but overall, a good plan today is better than a perfect plan with an indefinite start date. So, Senator Thune, I suggest you join forces with Pickens “army”, and try to get that moving. It would be good for your state in particular, and for the world in general.
    Stafford “Doc” Williamson