NE Corn Board: Calculate Cost Per Mile with E85

John Davis

E85 Price in Des Moines Iowa 9-4-2013Prices at the pump for E85 ethanol are substantially lower than regular gasoline or even other mixes of ethanol. But with the lower price, sometimes you sacrifice mileage. But as this story from Nebraska TV says, the key word is sometimes.

As gas prices rise, the cost of E85 has become even more attractive to [flex fuel vehicle] owners despite the lower MPG rates.

“When you are filling up your flex fuel vehicle, look at the price of E10, E30, E85 and other ethanol blends to save money. Even with the reduced mileage of E85, it may still be economical for flex fuel vehicles to use E85 and other ethanol blends,” said Don Hutchens, executive director for the Nebraska Corn Board.

He recommends that drivers calculate your cost per mile rather than just looking at as reduced miles per gallon as the cost can often offset the lower MPG rates.

The article goes on to point out that one out of every 10 Nebraskan drivers have a flex fuel vehicle.

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