I’ll Take Some Free Fuel Please

rfa-sturgis-13-12From Washington to Texas to New Jersey to Florida, motorcycle enthusiasts from around the country stopped by the Buffalo Chip Campgrounds during Sturgis to get some free 93 octane ethanol blended fuel. Riders familiar with the fuel were “stoked” to get a few gallons of free, premium ethanol fuel while those less knowledgeable were excited to try out the ethanol blend after speaking with the onsite Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) biker team including Robert White and Kristy Moore. During the Free Fuel Happy Hours, they answered questions and chatted with bikers across the country to spread the good word about ethanol and give away a bit of free fuel.

Tim Moe from Phoenix, Arizona stopped by the Buffalo Chip to cash in on the free fuel promotion. He said it was a nice consideration and a nice surprise. He rides a Honda Goldwing 1800. When asked about ethanol, he said he had no concern. “I think its a win, win, win. The farmers will benefit from this as they should, the environment will benefit and I will.”

Trace from Coer d’ Alene, Idaho said she was rocked to receive free ethanol.

You can hear what several riders had to say about ethanol in this audio clip. Free Fuel Happy Hour at Sturgis

John from Roll Tide, Alabama stopped by to fuel up and when asked if he had any concerns about fueling with ethanol, he said no. “I’d always heard it was a good thing.”

Rose from Western Colorado thought the free ethanol blended fuel was “absolutely wonderful”. She also said she learned a few things about ethanol including that it takes less units of energy to produce ethanol than gas.

A gentlemen from Odessa, Texas who filled up with free 93 octane ethanol fuel last year came back for more. He said his bike ran great on the blend and he had no adverse effects.

You can hear what several riders had to say about ethanol in this audio clip. Free Fuel Happy Hour at Sturgis

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  1. What’s better than free fuel? Cheap fuel that won’t change price overnight and won’t rob us of our hard-earned dollars. If we embrace replacement fuels like ethanol, methanol and natural gas, we will be able to break the oil monopoly and have access to a variety of cheaper, cleaner fuels.