Neil Young Fills ‘er Up with Cellulosic Ethanol

Earlier this month, Hall of Fame recording artist Neil Young stopped by Sioux Falls, South Dakota to fill up his LincVolt with POET-DSM cellulosic ethanol. LincVolt is a hybrid-electric 1959 Lincoln Continental with onboard charging powered by cellulosic ethanol. He’s on a cross-country tour to highlight renewable energy.

During his visit, Young said you don’t see much about what is going on with the climate in the media. “It’s just not a fast moving subject. It’s a slow moving big story. But it’s not going to be going away unless we do something.”

He supports American-made fuel and noted that when he filled up with cellulosic ethanol, his vehicle is able to get an 80 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) over traditional gasoline. “This is just incredible for the planet,” added Young.

Check out the video here and I must say his refurbished Lincoln is “DYNOMITE”.

0 thoughts on “Neil Young Fills ‘er Up with Cellulosic Ethanol

  1. Joanna, Where did Neil get his cellulosic ethanol? Is it from KiOR’s recent mystery batch? How much did he pay for it? Please back up the claims with some details. This is big news if true.

  2. It is ironic that Neal Young and POET seem to be promoting climate change action while POET is suing the California Air Resources Board to halt the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, which is landmark legislation aimed and reducing greenhouse gases from transportation. I hope Lincvolt is successful. I hope POET drops or loses their lawsuit.

  3. Ok, what about Daniel Dingle and his efforts to turn WATER (from any source) into Hydrogen?

    How come there’s no stories on THAT?

    I know that he’s proud of his home, the Phillipines, but, that shouldn’t be a reason that someone over here can’t study his methods and reverse-engineer something….

    Now if the overarching problem, is the transition from an OIL-Based economy, into something BETTER, then, maybe that’s the bigger argument as to why things are going S-L-O-W on this alternative energy production front.

    No one wants to accidentally cut out the tentpole, that OIL is, without FIRST putting up other tentpoles, making sure that they’re just as sturdy as the FIRST tentpole was, before slowly bringing the first one down, and recycling it into other uses…..

    but hold on…GRAPHENE is on the way….now what is that, and how would that fit in to this whole show, and would that be the stuff that might make Oil and the whole oil production/distribution economic engine give way to it?

    As a would-be material, GRAPHENE, made/derived from the same stuff in your #2 Pencil, Graphite, is reportedly, 200 times more stronger than STEEL, and can carry electric current FAR better than your traditional copper wires…and….it can be made into a plastic-like transparent substance…AND can be FAR LIGHTER than iron or steel!

    But the trouble is, finding a way to mass produce the material, and finding a sustainable source, that isn’t controlled in some way by those who don’t want to share it, or at least, not willing to trade for finished goods…

    A recent report, recieved through mailings, tells, of a penny stock belonging to a company whose stock ticker name is AGIN, and they supposedly, not only found a way to mass produce it, they also acquired rights to a graphite mine in Canada….

    Might be good to try getting ahold of this penny stock, (I only wish I had the funds to do it right now…)

    So what does graphene, and alternative fuels have to do with each other?

    Well, if the reports that graphene can handle electricity better than copper is right, then it might be able to handle HEAT from friction better than steel can, AND a way might be found to transfer excess heat into MORE ENERGY, so that if we made a V-8 engine and transmission completely out of GRAPHENE, then it might prove more efficent than the best fuel-economic engine out there today!

    And then, imagine…..what would happen if any head of lettuce, can be picked, and transformed into this cellouse ethanol, and could fuel your car for a month of heavy driving, without refueling?

    Or, maybe one glass of water?

    Think about it…..

    Or, is that too fantastic to think about for you?