BioProcess Algae Awarded $6.4M Grant

BioProcess Algae has been selected to receive a grant of up to $6.4 million from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), as part of an innovative pilot-scale biorefinery Bioprocess Algae's Growth Systemproject related to production of hydrocarbon fuels meeting military specification. The project will use renewable carbon dioxide, lignocellulosic sugars and waste heat through BioProcess Algae’s Grower Harvester(TM) technology platform, co-located with the Green Plains Renewable Energy’s ethanol plant in Shenandoah, Iowa.

“BioProcess Algae was the only algae platform chosen to be a part of this project by the DOE,” said Todd Becker, President and CEO of Green Plains. “This project will link our commercial scale platform for growing and harvesting algal biomass with technology partners for conversion into advanced biofuels. While this is a project for the development of drop-in biofuels, we continue to focus our technology for growing and harvesting algae for feed, food or fuel.”

The project will demonstrate technologies to cost-effectively convert biomass into advanced drop-in biofuels and the recipient is required to contribute a minimum of 50 percent matching funds for the project.

Tim Burns, President and CEO of BioProcess Algae added, “We believe our Grower Harvester platform will be vital in the development of this project with the DOE. For this project, we will integrate low-cost autotrophic algal production, accelerated lipid production, and lipid conversion in an effort to develop a cost-effective advanced biofuel for military needs. This development is consistent with our current plans to build the next phase of Grower Harvester reactors in Shenandoah.”

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  2. The government refuses to stop throwing money down this drain even though we know hydrotreated biofuels (the product the military and airlines need) require much more fossil fuel energy to make than they yield back as fuel, and hence why their price floor is more than $30 a gallon–and goes up when oil prices go up. This is as futile as funding research on making a perpetual motion machine. This foolishness and brazen waste of taxpayer money is why our government is $16 trillion in the hole.