Suggestions to Obama to Address Climate Change

PCAST logoThe President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), a group of leading scientists and engineers who make policy recommendations to the White House, has released a detailed report outlining how the Obama Administration could address climate change in the near term. Climate change was a major topic during President Obama’s recent trip to Argonne National Laboratory as well as during his State of the Union.  The letter offers actions that would reduce emissions and better quantify climate-relates risks.

PCAST has called out these actions as “central” in addressing climate change:

  • Focus on national preparedness for climate change
  • Continue efforts to decarbonize the economy
  • Level the playing field for clean energy by removing regulatory obstacles, addressing market failures, adjusting tax policies and providing time-limited subsidies for clean energy when appropriate
  • Sustain research on next-generation clean energy technologies
  • Establish U.S. leadership on climate change internationally
  • Conduct an initial Quadrennial Energy Review (QER)

For each of the concept areas, PCAST offers precise steps on how President Obama can move forward. Example tactics include creating a national commission on climate preparedness, exploring a North American climate change agreement and improving energy efficiency standards using federal loan agencies. Click here to read the full report.

0 thoughts on “Suggestions to Obama to Address Climate Change

  1. I have one very big problem with this report.
    The concept may have some merit, but to those of us who are using Well water this idea is a bad one.
    First of all, the exact science is not there! The idea of pouring toxic chemicals into a hole and then pressurizing the hole until you “crack something” rings of massive problems to us. I know that there are those that feel Shale oil and gas pockets look like cheap and easy targets, but to my knowledge, the risks are way too great!
    Ernest Moniz may be great in the “lab”, but I do not have a lot of faith in this guy!
    We voted for Obama to make sure the environment was protected. Yet here I am commenting on Fracking.
    Will drilling in ANWR be next!!!!