Florida Bill Would Repeal Ethanol Requirement

hearing-bobbyA bill has been introduced in the Florida legislature that would repeal the state’s Renewable Fuel Standard Act.

Currently, the Florida law requires that all gasoline sold or offered for sale by a terminal supplier, importer, blender or wholesaler in Florida contain 9-10 percent ethanol, or other alternative fuel, by volume. Legislation to repeal that requirement was considered by the Florida House Regulatory Affairs Committee on Friday and Pensacola automotive technician and radio host Bobby Likis was there.

However, Likis was only was able to say that he opposed the bill before the hearing had to be ended for lawmakers to go to the floor. “I’ve answered over 100,000 questions live on air, many of which have addressed the ethanol issue with regard to engine damage,” said Likis, host of the syndicated Car Clinic Network. “I strongly oppose the bill.”

Likis, who is a strong advocate for ethanol, says he is prepared to do what he can to prevent the legislation from passing in Florida.

fl-hearing-1Also testifying against the bill was Patrick Ahlm with Alginol Biofuels, an industrial biotechnology company working towards the production of fuel from algae headquartered in southwest Florida. “We’ve raised $190 million since we were founded in 2006 by Florida residents,” said Ahlm. “Our focus right now is on operating our pilot scale facility in Ft. Myers.”

Alhm said they are looking toward a commercial facility. “Our technology does not require farm land, food crops or fresh water,” he said. “We respect the issues around mandates and traditional ethanol but when we go into the investment community, this sends a very bad signal about continuing to grow in Florida.”

Because the committee ran out of time, the bill sponsored in the Florida House by Rep. Matt Gaetz of Fort Walton Beach will be carried over to the next meeting.

Listen to the ethanol bill portion of Friday’s hearing: Florida hearing

0 thoughts on “Florida Bill Would Repeal Ethanol Requirement

  1. Although making ethanol from algae instead of corn and soy makes infinitely more sense; hydrogen technologies have been sucessfully developed which produce better, cheaper, cleaner and more efficient ethanol alternative.

  2. Most likely our political leaders aren’t very mechanically inclined so hopefully Bobby Likis can educate them so we don’t go back to oil company monopoly.

  3. For Rep. Gaetz to start this broohaa is so rediculous. I disagree firmly. Ethanol does so much good. It gives farmers a way to make money on their crops without depriving the animals of the food, (after the sugar & other things taken from the corn, the corn is still usable for the animals.),it lowers the cost of gasoline so we are not paying people who want to kill us for the fuel we use, and it’s cleaner burning. Most cars are now manadated to use the ethonal, new cars are coming out flex fuel fromthe factory, pumps have already been set up for 10%—-isn’t it a little late in this game to start up a protest. Follow the money, who stands to make the most if this bill is passed. Also, once again, Florida looks the hick state it’s becoming. We only seem to hit the news when we do stupid things.

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