Abengoa to Use ICM Oil Separation System

ICMThe ICM Advanced Oil Separation™ System (AOS™) will be deployed at Abengoa Bioenegy plants Madison, Illinois and Mt. Vernon, Indiana.

The AOS™ is a specially-designed combination of equipment that utilizes an ICM-proprietary, patented process to maximize the recovery of non-food-grade bio-oil from emulsion concentrate after the centrifugal separation of mid-stillage (syrup). Installation of the two corn oil extraction systems is expected to occur later this year.

abengoa logoICM’s AOS™ will enable the recovery of a significant quantity of corn oil per bushel of corn processed, enabling the Madison and Mt. Vernon facilities to generate additional sources of revenue.

ICM Director of Sales & Product Management Brock Beach said, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Abengoa Bioenergy to deliver corn oil extraction technology and support corn oil’s expansion into higher-value co-products. The investment in our AOS™ technology affirms the shared vision of pursuing sustainable development efforts for the global renewable energy industry.”

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