First E85 Station Opens in Richmond, Virginia

MAAPCO Express E85 PumpThe first E85 station has opened in Richmond, Virginia. In addition, MAPCO Express, has “re-branded” their retail stores under the “East Coast” brand and the three new E85 stations, two near Richmond and one near Washington, D.C. will be sold under this brand. Partners in the projects included Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board, Protec Fuel, MAPCO Express and the Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., Clean Cities Coalitions.

Protec Fuel partnered with MAPCO Express to convert the stations and to provide the E85 fuel for the company at these locations as well as others in the Southeast. MAPCO Express and Protec plan to open two more locations this year as well as offer cellulosic ethanol made from municipal solid waste.

“We are pleased to be able to partner with Protec Fuel to expand the availability of E85,” said Dan Gordon, Vice President of Supply for MAPCO Express, Inc. “This will offer our customers additional choices and expands our network of E85 stations in our chain.”

Steve Walk, executive director of Protec Fuel said, “We are delighted the partner entities are all driven to expand E85 to the East, which is newer to and in need of E85 stations. Not only is it a logical location – near our nation’s capital – to promote U.S.-made fuel, but the corporate partner, MAPCO Express, Inc., has made its environmental mission part of its business model.”


  • 13200 Kingston Ave, Chester, VA 23836
  • 6460 Boydton Plank Rd, Petersburg, VA 23803
  • 10007 James Madison Hwy, Warrenton, VA 20187

“Expanded E85 stations in Virginia are a great opportunity for folks to try or switch to this cleaner domestic and renewable fuel” added Alleyn Harned, Executive Director of the Virginia Clean Cities Coalition. “With Protec and MAPCO’s leadership, there are now ten public E85 stations in Virginia, which service the hundreds of thousands of flex-fuel vehicles in the Commonwealth.”

0 thoughts on “First E85 Station Opens in Richmond, Virginia

  1. These pumps will come in handy when I visit my sister. She lives at Hayes where there has been an E85 pump for several years.

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  3. Yes, this is great news and very convienient for me since I live in the Warrenton/Bealeton/Opal Va area right now. I didn’t realize or care that much that I purchased a Flex Fuel Vehicle/Chevy Truck last year but this EOF sign at the East Coast Gas station caught my eye, when I saw the price was $3.09/gallon. This was just a few week ago went the price for regular fuel was starting to really creep up. Although, I don’t get as much mileage per gallon or per tank with the E85, but with gas sitting around $3.60/gal, I think I’m actually at the break even point from a financial perspective. Plus its cleaner and better for my truck and the environment. I’m all about being green if its easy, cheaper and convienient…keep them pumps coming…I’m in…r/Jim