New Holland Promotes Ethanol at Farm Progress Show

Cindy Zimmerman

New Holland was all about American Ethanol at the 2012 Farm Progress Show this past week in Boone, Iowa.

“This year we’ve got a whole emphasis on a brand new partnership with American Ethanol,” said New Holland North America Vice President Abe Hughes about the equipment and signage at the show exhibit promoting ethanol and the NASCAR partnership. “We’re putting our name on the line saying that we’re 200% behind ethanol production.”

Hughes says they support ethanol because of the stability it’s brought to the American farmer. “It’s brought income stability to them and their families and it’s helped rejuvenate rural communities,” he said.

New Holland is also working on new ways to harvest corn stover for cellulosic ethanol production, with the introduction this year of the Cornrower combine attachment. “We’ve got the equipment to support the collection of stover in a clean way,” said Hughes. “You’ve got to handle it very carefully so you don’t get dirt in there and it leaves just the right amount of residue to avoid erosion.”

Listen to an interview with Hughes from FPS: Interview with Abe Hughes

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