Car Talker Responds to SEMA Ethanol Slam

Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), has slammed ethanol saying it opposes the use of E15 based on scientific evidence that it causes corrosion with incompatible parts. They are one of many organizations that have brought a lawsuit against the use of E15 that also included manufacturers of cars, boats and power equipment. The organization says ethanol increases water formation that can create formic acid and corrode metals plastics and rubber.

The court has ruled in favor of E15 and now SEMA is spearheading a campaign targeted at U.S. Congress calling for them to enact legislation to ban the sale of E15.

In response, Bobby Likis, who is best known for his national radio program Car Clinic, has come out in support of ethanol (scroll down to see his response) the most researched fuel in the history of America. Likis writes that it is as if “…SEMA is more interested in sustaining old-think…outdated technologies” and “continued dependence on foreign oil.”

He continues to say that old car parts can be updated and people are smart enough to know that E15 is only approved for cars manufactured after 2001. He also put out a call to action asking consumers to let their representative know they support choice at the pump and to defeat federal legislation (HR 3199) that would ban the sale of E15.

0 thoughts on “Car Talker Responds to SEMA Ethanol Slam

  1. It is well documented that home grown bio fuels are good for the country,.both economically, and from a startegic point of view, in that it releases the country from dependance on foreign oil from virtually the civilized worlds sworn enemys,..anyone who agues otherwise has ulterior and sinister motives,.therefore these people are enemys of the civilized world and the treason act should be legislated for them.

  2. Good Luck SEMA!! I and many others are with you on this one. We need a choice of fuels for our Specialty Equipment. All stations selling Ethanol blended fuels should be required to have pumps that provide Ethanol Free Fuel also. If you want to use E-15 that is fine. Give an option to those who do not!!