Ethanol Supporters at Obama Iowa Event

‘Tis the season for political events, and a group of ethanol and biodiesel supporters are making sure they are front and center to drive home the message that the green fuel needs political support as well.

The Renewable Fuels Association’s (RFA) and Iowa Renewable Fuels Association’s grassroots effort, Americans Fueled with Pride, and in this specific case, Iowans Fueled with Pride, made sure to tell President Obama how much they appreciated his support of the green fuels when the commander-in-chief made political stops in Iowa. Several supporters from local ethanol and biodiesel companies attended Obama events in Boone and Council Bluffs wearing “fueled with pride” t-shirts and were able to shake hands with the president. Among them were representatives from Green Plains Renewable Energy, Midwest Grain Processors, Renewable Energy Group (REG) and Lincolnway Energy.

0 thoughts on “Ethanol Supporters at Obama Iowa Event

  1. Many, if not most, Americans approve developing alternative non-conventional fuels. Only a very few Americans approve of making fuel from food and squandering tax money to do it. The Midwest has been hit wth extreme drought conditions which have caused massive crop failures, extreme food shortages and skyrocketing prices. This comes at a time when record numbers need food stamps and other forms of food assistance in order to to feed their families. The process by which corn based ethanol is produced is extremely inefficient and has directly caused increases in the price of both food and fuel. It’s time to end the mandate for corn ethanol. The government should instead promote and support natural gas as a plentiful, clean, efficient and most reasonable fuel aternative to corn ethanol. In a world full of starving people, it makes absolutely no sense to make fuel from food, no matter what.

  2. Bill Clinton, Al Gore & Senator Obama supported the California 2006 Prop. 87, a GMO corn ethanol welfare program.

    Bill, Al, have changed opinion on the ethanol mandate, I wonder if California will make this the time for CHANGE?

    I support a waiver of the ethanol mandate, voluntary use of ethanol in my gas.

    Federal ethanol policy increases Government motors oil use and Big oil profit.

    It is reported that today California is using Brazil sugar cane ethanol at $0.16 per gal increase over using GMO corn fuel ethanol. In this game the cars and trucks get to pay and Big oil profits are the result that may be ready for change.

    We do NOT support AB 523 unless the ethanol mandate is changed to voluntary ethanol in our gas.

    Folks that pay more at the pump for less from Cars, trucks, food, water & air need better, it is time.

    The car tax of AB 118 Nunez is just a simple Big oil welfare program, AAA questioned the policy and some folks still agree.

    AB 523 is just a short put (waiver) from better results.

    GOOGLE: Prop 87 (510) 537-1796

  3. Lots of corn along I-5 south of Sacramento that is reported to use 2000 gal of water to grow corn for 1 gal of ethanol for my gas tank.

    Should Governor Brown consider a waiver supported by the UN?

    Is fed EPA confused when a Lodi bread baker is taken to fed court to collect $625,000.00 fine for generating ozone from the ethanol made by baking bread while mandating millions of tons in our gas that may be a bigger deal than MTBE to our ground water supply? Do water folks check for ethanol in our drinking water?

    Drinking ethanol maybe rated as causing cancer but MTBE never has.

    Does ATF audit for the payment of $17 tax of moonshine from the GMO corn fuel ethanol?

    Let’s see, a 10,000 gal tanker truck can move around a $170,000.00 tax and a reported $0.50 cent process can move fuel grade to food grade.