Wrapping Things Up At Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The 2011 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is over and that means a lot of bikers went home more aware of ethanol and hopefully better informed about how it performs in their bikes and what it does for our economy. To get a wrap up on how it went for the ethanol promotion sponsored by the Renewable Fuels Association I spoke with Robert White. Here’s Robert with a guitar that was given away during one of our t-shirt distribution sessions.

Robert has been on duty at Sturgis the past two years. He’s seen interest in ethanol grow each year. Bikers are very patriotic people and the fact that ethanol is an American made fuel resonates well with them. He also says, “We’re simply highlighting that fact that ethanol works well not only in these vehicles but all the ones they have back home.” That’s a lot of people back home to spread the word to since there are over a half million people who come to the rally!

You can listen to my interview with Robert here: Robert White Interview

2011 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Photo Album

Domestic Fuel coverage of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is sponsored by The Renewable Fuels Association

0 thoughts on “Wrapping Things Up At Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

  1. I’m all too aware of how ethanol affects my Harley. Performance suffers noticeably as does fuel economy.

    Then there’s the time my bike quit running in the middle of nowhere because the ethanol in the fuel destroyed the rubber seals in my carburetor & petcock.

    Adding alcohol to gasoline is only slightly less stupid than adding water. Oh, wait, ethanol DOES cause water to accumulate in my fuel tank.

    Let’s see, less power, worse fuel economy, damaging to seals and tank liners, costs more to use …what’s not to like?

    Thanks so much for all the millions of dollars worth of damage you folks have caused to American motorists with your mindless treehugger nonsense.