Former Iowa First Lady Runs for Congress on Energy Issues

Cindy Zimmerman

Wind energy and biofuels are part of the campaign for Congress launched this week by former Iowa first lady Christie Vilsack.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do, from supporting biofuels and wind power, to bringing broadband internet to our rural communities,” Vilsack says in her campaign YouTube video. Her website,, features a rural wind farm in the mast head. “We have more wind turbines in this district than anyplace in the country outside of Texas,” Vilsack says under Christie’s Plan on the website. “Why can’t some of their 8,000 component parts be made right here in Northwest and North Central Iowa?”

Vilsack officially announced her bid to represent Iowa’s newly formed 4th district yesterday with her husband Tom, current U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and former Iowa governor, at her side.

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