Bob Dinneen Keynotes Fuel Ethanol Workshop

Chuck Zimmerman

At the 2011 Fuel Ethanol Workshop the Reverend of Renewable Fuels, Bob Dinneen, CEO, Renewable Fuels Association took the stage as a keynote speaker. Bob started his presentation with a report on several policy issues and then moved to a “conversation” with attendees in which he took questions.

Bob first touched on yesterday’s EPA announcement of a label for E15. He says it’s not everything they hoped for but it’s not as bad as had been feared. It does show that the EPA considers E15 a viable fuel. Hopefully we’ll see the fuel in the market soon. Bob then moved on to the latest votes in Congress and what was really going on in the background and what those votes really mean. You can listen to Bob’s presentation here: Bob Dinneen Keynote

You can also watch Bob on stage with the first part of his presentation before he took questions and answers:

2011 FEW Photo Album

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