Hall Wines Installs EV Charger

Joanna Schroeder

Napa, California-based Hall Wines has paid for and installed an ECOTality electric vehicle charging station. “We are pleased to be working with an organization that is as passionate and supportive of the environment, as ECOTality,” said Jonathan Read, CEO of ECOTality, Inc. “In addition to enriching the successful execution and continued maintenance of rich electric vehicle charging infrastructures in California, the installment of EV Charging Stations in Napa Valley and Sonoma is an exciting opportunity. HALL Wines’ support of the EV Project further allows us to expand our outlets of data collection, enabling us to evaluate the effectiveness of charging infrastructure, ultimately leading to our goal of widespread EV use throughout the United States.”

Hall Wines installed a Blink Level 2 Commercial Pedestal Charger. According to EcoTality, their design is easy and safe to use and provides user-friendly features to charge electric vehicles. The system is integrated with the Blink Network and offers easy payment options. Hall Wines will also be able to access informational delivery data flow, AMI interface capability, internal meter to monitor energy and demand usage as well as energy usage data evaluation.

“Since launching HALL Wines, we have been dedicated to preservation of the environment and bringing innovation to Napa Valley,” said Ambassador Kathryn Hall, HALL Wines Owner and Vintner. “HALL Wines is always looking for new ways to provide support and dedication to the sustainable living movement. We continue to reinforce our commitment to the health of the land, as well as that of the greater Napa Valley ecosystem. The latest initiative to install EV charging stations at HALL St. Helena and Roessler Cellars, is an expansion of our sustainability efforts and is our way of not only encouraging health of the land in wine country, but everywhere.”

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