EPA Proposes 15 Percent Ethanol Warning Label

The Environmental Protection Agency has released its proposed design for the label on fuel pumps that would dispense E15, or 15 percent ethanol, as promised under the fragmented ruling issued last week allowing the fuel mix in only vehicles of model year 2007 and newer. EPA must now solicit comment on the proposed label for 60 days before it can issue a final label.

“The RFA will certainly have some comments,” said Renewable Fuels Association president Bob Dinneen on the organization’s E-xchange Blog. “Since EPA has chosen the most confusing of options for E15 implementation, ensuring the label is clear, factual and non-threatening will be critical. The industry has worked for a long time to remove confusing and alarming labels from pumps, and the RFA will engage vigorously with EPA to create a label that does not unnecessarily deter motorists from choosing E15. The label is meant to instruct consumers on how to the use the fuel, not frighten them away from doing so.”

Renewable Fuels AssociationMeanwhile, Dinneen says the industry is working together on the technical issues to make this limited introduction of the ethanol blend as smooth as possible. “First, working with Growth Energy, the RFA has begun the health effects testing and fuel registration process that must be conducted for any new fuel,” he said. “This testing is required to determine if any new chemical species in evaporative and combustion emissions are created as a result of increased ethanol content. We do not believe this will be the case and early testing is confirming that belief.”

Other issues that need to be addressed include testing on dispensing equipment; changes to state laws to allow for the use of E15; and completion of the fuels registration process by industry.

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  3. Leave it to the EPA tomake things complicated. This agency could screw up a one-car funeral. I certainly hope that the new Congress looks a the EPA, OSHA and other regulatory agencies when making serious budget cuts next year.
    Joseph J. Alex, Chemist

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  6. If I ran a filling station what incentive would there be for me to install a pump to sell E15?

    None that I can see. It would be much simpler to sell only E10 and avoid the cost, hassle, and legal problems that would arise from people improperly filling their older cars with E15

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  14. Guess this finally get those older cars off the streets and highways! They have been trying to do so and matters not if one can afford to lose the vehicle they currently have.
    XFT the SOLUTION for E15,low MPG,decreased horsepower and trying to lower the emission.

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