Soybean President Wants Biodiesel Tax Credit Back

Cindy Zimmerman

Rob JoslinDuring the general session of the 2010 Commodity Classic, American Soybean Association president Rob Joslin, who stressed the importance of getting the biodiesel tax credit back in place.

“We need it now,” Joslin said. “It’s costing U.S. soybean farmers 25 cents for every bushel. On my 500 acres of soybeans, that’s over $6000 a year. Couple that with all the jobs loss, that’s our goal right now.”

Joslin says the tax credit is back in the second jobs bill that is being considered by the Senate right now. “I kinda feel like a bride that goes to the altar that comes away without a ring. We’ve been to the altar 2 or 3 times and we haven’t gotten a ring on our finger yet.”

Rob was interviewed by session moderator Mark Mayfield about this issue and others important to soybean producers – listen to that exchange below.

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