Ethanol Pipeline Would Create Green Jobs

A proposed ethanol pipeline could create nearly 80,000 jobs across the country, according to a new feasibility report.

The report, from consulting firm LECG, shows that the majority of the jobs created will be in the construction and transportation industries and the pipeline project would provide approximately 1,100 permanent jobs after construction is complete.

Ethanol producer POET formed a joint venture with Magellan Midstream Partners of Tulsa, Oklahoma to assess the feasibility of a 1,800-mile ethanol pipeline from ethanol production facilities in the Midwest, starting at Davison County, S.D., to distribution outlets in the northeast U.S., ending in Linden, N.J. Once the feasibility study is complete, the pipeline would be operational as early as 2014.

0 thoughts on “Ethanol Pipeline Would Create Green Jobs

  1. In my opinion, ethanol used in motor vehicles is a waste of time, money and effort as a valuable solution to petroleum. It gets less miles per gallon than gasoline and the slight cost decrease does not warrant buying it over gasoline; not to mention we are using our food for fuel, and the cost and energy to produce; and correct me if I am wrong, isn’t it subsdized by government using “our” money.

    And also to mention that if it still contains 15% gasoline than it just isn’t a viable solution to petroleum. I would rather see jobs created for something else.

  2. If you want to sell any given idea, pay for a study that will claim it creates jobs (without destroying other jobs). It’s a make work program using billions of government dollars taken from other tax payers, who can’t spend it in other ways so others can keep jobs.

    We all know who will be holding the bag if corn ethanol ever loses the government support that keeps it afloat.

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