Petra Solar to Mount Panels on NJ Utility Poles

PetraSolarA solar panel company will be mounting 200,000 smart solar photovoltaic panels on the poles of a New Jersey utility, making it the largest pole-attached solar installation in the world.

This press release from Petra Solar, Inc., says the project to mount the systems on New Jersey’s PSE&G utility poles and street light poles will create 100 green jobs in installation, research and development, operations and manufacturing:

In a contract of about $200 million with PSE&G, Petra Solar will make units for 200,000 poles in New Jersey’s six largest cities and 300 rural and suburban communities in PSE&G’s service territory. Over the 3½ year life of the contract, Petra will add the green jobs to its employee base of 40-plus employees, most of whom work in the company’s South Plainfield headquarters and manufacturing facility.

Shihab Kuran, President and CEO of Petra Solar, said, “This contract is transformational for us. We are tripling in size and will start hiring immediately. We invite those interested in applying for positions to visit the company’s website at”

“Our SunWave™ pole-mounted, grid-connected PV generation system delivers true technological innovation,” Kuran said. “Our product will enable PSE&G to enhance the reliability of its delivery of electricity to customers. ”

Petra’s SunWave system uses a combination of highly distributed, grid connected photovoltaic generation and smart grid communications capabilities, while providing enhancement of electric distribution grid reliability through a host of functions such as voltage support.

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  1. As much as I love the idea of covering every useful area with solar panels, I have to wonder about the security of these units. It seems to me that any hooligan with a cherry picker will be able to come along and steal these panels, and make a beaut profit. I find such behavior repellent, but unfortunately it is widespread. I read an article a while back about some vineyard owners who had solar panels stolen so often they had to get rid of the whole system.

  2. Why doesn’t this mention that rates will increase another 5 to 10 percent for the customers? How does this help?

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  5. > Why doesn’t this mention that rates will increase
    > another 5 to 10 percent for the customers? How does this help?

    According to the New York Times article. This will add 10 cents to the monthly bill and will increase to as much as 35 cents per month.

    And, all of this is also assuming that fuel prices don’t suddenly sky rocket. If fuel prices increase, your bill might actually be less than if PSG&E didn’t do this.

    Unless you’re paying $1.00 to $3.50 per month for electricity, I don’t see how you get 10%.

    Please get your facts straight. This project will only provide about 2% of the total electric usage for New Jersey, and you can question the cost/benefit analysis of this, but don’t go spreading lies.

  6. David w. this is not about saving money on your monthly bill. this is a small scale experiment to see if this could be useful to be done nation wide. about 70% of energy is lost from a power plant to your house. if this system can supplement a noticeable amount of energy that means more energy or less the power plant has to produce; which is getting towards our ultimate goal, green energy. subsidizing oil and coal.

  7. This is great! I’ve been wondering why the solar panels were popping up everywhere. Can’t wait 2 see more.

  8. Improvement and promise for a better future….Fantastic! I’ll gladly pay $0.35 extra per month for that any day!

  9. Isn’t Petra a patented logo? If it is, then who the heck is Petra diamond mines, in South Africa? Are the two connected? And lastly, is the name Public Service Enterprising Group and PSE&G connected in anyway with British Petroleum (Bp). The supposed fired head of Bp is being transfered to Russia. What type of minerial mining is Bp connected with in Siberia? It seems like one big shuffle board game to you people. There are now 4 facts industrialists are passing off as chargable componets to the public as it relates to the profit margin: 1. Soil, 2. Water, 3. Oxygen, and now 4. free energy from the sun, that the public will pay for through power grid charges by way of solar collectives you all make, place on utility poles, and pass the costs onto the public. I;ve read mulit plan put out by PSEG. The house owner must comply, in word written to that effect. Is the public really aware of what your doing? I think not.

  10. …One last point about Bp Solar//Petra Solar Inc. The “World Head Quarters” is located in South Plainfield NJ. When I read this, I sought out it’s location. A world head quarters of a nature of this accord right here in New Jersey, with supply connection that include service to Space Lab. Yes, the very Space Lab visited by our space shuttle. Solar grids, tested in outer space, being tested in several areas of three NJ Counties: Union, Middlesex, and Somerset. Is the public aware?

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  12. Sir,

    I am interested in buying side of the pole mount solar panel mounting kit. Please let us know if you sell the mounting kit. Will appreciate a quote for the above.

    Best Regards,

    Anil Kumar