New Jersey Biodiesel Producer to Open CT Port

John Davis

innovationfuelsIn a move that could set the company up to deliver biodiesel to all of New England, New Jersey-based biodiesel maker Innovation Fuels will open operations at a Connecticut terminal this month.

This story in the New Haven (CT) Register says Innovation will ship the green fuel from its plant in Newark, N.J. by barge, rail and truck to the New Haven Terminal:

“We can easily serve all of New England,” [Paul Niznik, vice president of strategic operations] said Tuesday. He estimated they will move about 1 million gallons a month and bring five jobs to the port.

Niznik said he couldn’t talk about terms of the lease with New Haven Terminal, but indicated the company has “permanent intentions.”

Niznik said the company mainly create biodiesel with vegetable oil, although it is experimenting with domestic non-food sources such as pennycress, camelina and algae.

He said the company also plans to work with small producers of biodiesel, such as Greenleaf Biofuels, run by Gus Kellogg, who has approval for a processing plant in the North Yard of the port off Wheeler Street.

As you might remember from my post on May 14th, Innovation recently started selling biodiesel out of the Port of Milwaukee.