Brothers, 9 & 13, Create Biodiesel Symbol

John Davis

biodiesel_logo.jpgThe two sons of a man who runs the green initiatives portion of a New York metro area company that rents out chillers, air conditioners, generators, electric heaters, oil-fired heaters, comfort cooling, air compressors, propane and natural gas heat, and portable air handlers have come up with what they hope becomes an international symbol for biodiesel (pictured left).

Alex and Austin Gere’s father, Joe Gere, is behind On Site Energy Co.’s biodiesel-fueled portion of the rental company. According to this press release, Gere wanted to find a way to promote the green option his company was offering:

Gere had gone looking for a generic symbol to place on the company’s rental equipment that would show they used Biodiesel fuel. He was shocked to find out that there was no universal symbol and turned to his two sons and along with local Freehold artist Gil Almogi crafted what they are hoping will become the new symbol for Biodiesel. The registered mark consists of a fuel nozzle dispensing a biodiesel droplet in the form of a “Green” earth. Alex & Austin were quoted together saying, “We learn about the environment in school and the effects of pollution and how it affects the globe and not just one country. We wanted to show the planet how it should look – all green and blue.” On Site Energy Co has been the first company to adopt the new symbol and they (the Gere brothers) have commitments from several others as well, their goal is to see their design around the world and hopefully it will allow people to see we can as individuals make a difference no matter how slight it may seem.

And you thought it’s something if your kids just make their beds! Good job, boys! Look forward to seeing your symbol make its way around the world… starting at just one web site at a time.