Biodiesel Bike Breaks Record

John Davis

Crucible Bike
So you think a biodiesel engine is just for slow-moving tractors and slow-accelerating big rigs? Well, the bike pictured above is changing that whole line of thinking. What you see is the “DIE(sel) MOTO” project… a converted BMW biodiesel-powered motorcycle that now holds the world record for a diesel bike at more than 220 kph!

This story on says the record was set at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah:

It was designed and built at “The Crucible”, an industrial art school in Oakland, California, and ridden by founder Michael Sturtz.

He said: “It’s great to know we have the fastest diesel motorcycle in the world – but it’s about so much more than that

“Greenline and The Crucible share the commitment to address the world’s environmental and socio-economic issues and to promote bio-diesel as a viable alternative to diesel.

“The challenge was to demonstrate the capability of bio-diesel and call attention to the need for automotive technology to integrate environmental responsibility with performance.

Sturtz says next time they’re going for 250 kph!