IRL, EPIC Reflect on Ethanol Performance in IndyCar Series

John Davis

It was a breakthrough year for ethanol, with the fuel fully powering the IndyCar Series for the first time. The Indy Racing League and the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council agree that the switch to 100% ethanol was a success.

The 2007 season of the IndyCar(R) Series featured a dazzling display of intense and unpredictable competition, with a margin of victory of less than a second in seven races.

EPICWhile the Series attracted unprecedented media attention with its switch to 100 percent fuel-grade ethanol, the renewable fuel performed flawlessly with little fanfare in one of the most demanding environments in racing. The IndyCar Series became the first in motorsports to embrace a renewable and environmentally responsible fuel source, setting the standard for the “Greening of Racing”.

“Our partnership with ethanol industry has been a tremendous success both on and off the track,” said Terry Angstadt, President, IRL Commercial Division, Indy Racing League, the sanctioning body of the IndyCar Series. “We have been proud to share the track with a home-grown renewable fuel source that has such broad implications beyond racing. We will continue to be relevant and we will embrace the opportunity to lead the industry in our approach to balancing business with social responsibility.”

The reliability of ethanol in the IndyCar Series has been without question, and the League is now investigating alternative fuel options for the Indy Pro Series. The fuel efficiency has been impressive; the IndyCar Series has consumed more than 20,000 gallons (or 30% less) less fuel than last season.

“This is far from marketing hype. This is true performance at the highest levels of competition,” said Tom Slunecka, the executive director of the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC). “This has been a critical testing ground for a renewable fuel source, and ethanol has passed the test with flying colors.”

EPIC has been the driving force behind the switch to a cleaner, greener renewable fuel in the IndyCar Series. The partnership has paid tremendous dividends in consumer awareness of ethanol.

“The message to consumers is a powerful one. Performance and environment can co-exist”, adds Slunecka.

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