BP Donates Money for Wyoming Wind Energy Research

John Davis

Wyoming logoOil giant BP has lived up to its motto of going “beyond petroleum” with its $5 million gift to the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources… $2 million of that going to wind energy development.

This story in the Jackson Hole (WY) Star Tribune has more details:

Bob Lukfahr is president of BP Alternative Energy North America. He said wind energy is at a relatively early stage of development, so there’s much innovation in the industry.

For example, BP is involved in refurbishing a 20-year-old wind farm in California. Lukfahr said BP and its partners will replace more than 130 old turbines with eight new ones and more than double the volume of electrical generation.

“The technology is changing quite dramatically,” Lukfahr told the Star-Tribune.

The company launched this alternative energy program back in 2005, putting $8 billion in the plan worldwide. BP is carefully watching several sites in Wyoming to find potential wind development projects.