Biodiesel Plant Coming to Sacramento

John Davis

Primafuel Inc. has gotten the green light from the Port of Sacramento, California to build a 60-million-gallon-a-year biodiesel plant. Check out this story in the Sacramento Bee:

Planned for 14 acres of port land along Industrial Boulevard in West Sacramento, the $60 million to $90 million facility would have nearly 10 times the production capacity of the largest existing biodiesel plant in California.

The plan still must pass through state and local environmental reviews, which have frequently delayed biofuel projects elsewhere in the state. Permitting is expected to take at least six months, followed by up to 18 months for construction. The plant is expected to eventually employ 70 workers.

The biorefinery’s opening could come at the right time. It would put it just upstream from a burgeoning market in the San Francisco Bay area. Check out my previous posts “Biodiesel for Frisco Buses” and “Greening the Gas Pumps.”