Novozymes Introduces Cellulosic Strategy

Cindy Zimmerman

Novezymes Demark-based biotech firm Novozymes has “introduced a five-step strategy to achieve economically viable cellulosic ethanol.”

According to a news release, the strategy was unveiled at a press conference during the 4th Annual World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing in Orlando, Fla. The press conference was followed by a panel discussion featuring Per Falholt, Novozymes chief scientific officer; Maria Rapoza, vice president for Science and Technology, North Carolina Biotechnology Center; and Dan Schwartzkopf, National Hot Rod Association dragster and Ethanol Promotion and Information Council representative.

The company’s strategy includes: continued funding of research and development, establishment of geographically-distributed flexible configuration testing and development centers, scientific advancement to increase cost efficiency by improving underlying agricultural practices and pre-treatment methods, scientific advancement in biotechnology, and continued bi-partisan support of a national infrastructure to support practical implementation such as incentives and tax credits.

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