Building with Biodiesel

John Davis

Union of Concerned Scientists A new report from the Union of Concerned Scientists says that construction equipment is one of the largest sources of diesel pollution in California.

NBB logo But there is a better way. The National Biodiesel Board says cleaner-burning biodiesel could help construction companies reduce their impact. It cites two companies… Manatt’s in Iowa and North Bay Construction in California… and their positive experiences with biodiesel in their heavy equipment. NBB has posted some of their testimonials here.
North Bay Construction
The Union of Concerned Scientists praises the construction companies’ actions:

UCS Clean Vehicles Engineer Don Anair says biodiesel has an important role to play in helping to clean up construction sites. “Refueling with cleaner alternatives like biodiesel combined with other particulate controls is an excellent solution for reducing harmful diesel exhaust particulates from construction and off-road diesel equipment,” says Anair, “We applaud proactive efforts of companies like North Bay Construction and Manatt’s in helping to realize our shared goal of cleaner and healthier air and urge others to follow their lead.”