Biodiesel To Drive Race Car

John Davis

Scott Racing Ltd A couple of days ago, I told you about a biodiesel motorcycle that will try to set a speed record that will be featured at the upcoming National Biodiesel Conference & Expo (Feb. 4th-7th in San Antonio, TX). Now, a British racing team says it will put a prototype 100% biodiesel engine into its car competing in the British Touring Car Championship. UK-based reports the Scott Racing Ltd car will run on a partial biodiesel mix this coming season, switching to 100% in 2008:

“Most of the existing cars run on petrol with a few on bioethanol – no-one has yet run a fully-biodiesel powered car, as technically it is very challenging,” company managing director and former Formula Ford 1600 driver Tim Scott said. “I’m passionate about motor sport and I think we can make a diesel car competitive in the short term and gradually ramp up the percentage of biodiesel in the fuel to make a competitive biodiesel touring car next year.”

Of course, they plan to run the car on locally produced biodiesel.

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