Biodiesel Space for a Buck

John Davis

broncopix2.JPG Last fall, the city of Kalamazoo, Michigan announced it would use biodiesel provided by Western Michigan University… Bronco Biodiesel… to fuel its city buses. Now, the city is renting out a building for the plant… at just $1 a year! According to a WMU press release, the biodiesel plant is expected to produce 100,000 gallons a year. The biodiesel will be made from recycled restaurant grease.

From the Bronco Biodiesel web site:
We are developing a small-scale (100,000 gallons/year) biodiesel production facility in the City of Kalamazoo to prevent the “trapped” BTUs from going down the drain. Our hope is that the facility will serve as a model for how universities and municipalities can work together and convert discarded oil into a clean burning, carbon neutral, transportation fuel.

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