Better Biodiesel Touts Technology for Biodiesel Plants

John Davis

Better BiodieselUtah-based Better Biodiesel says it has developed technology that will allow biodiesel plants to forego using some of the caustic chemicals now used in biodiesel production and to create a smaller environmental footprint for plants. Anthony Evans, Vice President Investor Relations, says no caustic chemicals means no water used to wash away those chemicals.

Better Biodiesel’s proprietary waterless technology significantly reduces the costs of biodiesel production and its impact on the environment. Better Biodiesel’s initial pilot plant currently produces approximately three million gallons per year and has a total footprint of less than 160 square feet. By contrast, at least three acres are required for a conventional biodiesel facility of the same production capacity.

Better Biodiesel believes it can take advantage of these efficiencies and plans to increase its current capacity ten-fold by next spring and potentially reach 100 million gallons of production capacity by year end 2007. Better Biodiesel’s objective is to become one of the world’s largest producers of biodiesel.

In addition, Evans says his company’s biodiesel plants fit inside an 8’X40′ shipping container. He says they set up quicker, cheaper, and run more cost-effective than traditional biodiesel plants. And Evans says Better Biodiesel plants run on any combination of feedstocks… from restaurant grease to soybean oil.

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