Renova to Supply Ethanol for IRL

Cindy Zimmerman

Renova Ethanol for the 2007 IndyCar Series will be supplied by Renova Energy of Wyoming.

Ethanol Promotion and Information Council executive director Tom Slunecka made that announcement during a press conference Thursday announcing the new team for Rahal-Letterman Racing.

“Of course all of our member plants are producing the same high quality product,” said Slunecka. “But Renova Energy will actually be fueling the Indy Car Series with product coming out of their plant in Torrington, Wyoming.”

Slunecka says Renova has proven to be able to be a “strong technical partner in making sure that this fuel supply is safe and fast.”

The IndyCar Series needs to have a single consistent fuel supplier to guarantee that all cars in the league are using the same quality and grade of fuel.

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