Heartland Energy Sells Dogwood Stills

HeartlandHeartland Energy Group Inc. of Louisiana is setting up the backyard still.

Dogwood A press release from Heartland announces the receipt of ethanol production equipment from Dogwood Energy, LLC (see previous post).

Heartland Energy will exclusively sell and market Dogwood’s full line of ethanol stills and related ethanol products in the Louisiana territory. In addition, the agreement grants Heartland Energy, first option rights to the territories of Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.

According to Heartland Energy Group under the agreement Flex Fuel America, Heartland Energy’s product sales and marketing subsidiary, will represent Dogwood’s full line of products including the home- and farm-based ethanol still, Bio-Diesel Production kit, and several ancillary alternative energy related products. Ethanol can be produced through a home-based distilling process utilizing ethanol stills. These stills enable the annual production of ten thousand gallons of ethanol for home-based stills and ten million gallons for larger commercial based stills.

0 thoughts on “Heartland Energy Sells Dogwood Stills

  1. Dogwood Energy through PayPal is involved in a wood pellet SCAM. They collect money up front and promise to deliver wood pellets at a later date that never comes…TN Attorney General has them on a bad business list. Stay away from PayPal and Dogwood Energy.

  2. I also purchased wood pellets via PayPal on 02/2006. Dogwood Energy kept postponing delivery and eventually stopped answering phones or responding to e-mails. Luckily, I requested my refund thru PayPal prior to the class action suit, but it took 13 months before getting my money back. When I first placed order, Dogwood Energy staff were very considerate, professional and reassuring. Once they had my money they wouldn’t even respond. They scammed many people. They are now in chapter 12. Once this is over, they’ll probably start a new company and do it over again as they have in the past. I believe that this is their ongoing scheme. BEWARE.

  3. I sent my deposit in for a dealership.
    Like the others never got response, or my money back. Can some one tell me how to be included in the class action suit.

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