Don’t Try This at Home

TTB The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is warning the public not to start their own home ethanol plants. A notice on the TTB website says “it is illegal to distill alcohol without first obtaining a Federal permit” from the TTB. The notice is in response to “several news items on people distilling ethanol at home to supplement their gasoline needs.” Those wishing to distill alcohol at home are invited to contact TTB to apply for a permit, but I would bet it’s no easy process, since they note there “may also be additional permitting requirements and other restrictions on the state and local level.”

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  1. Interesting and predictable. Interesting because Paul Harvey was touting the availability of farm-based “gasoline” (actually ethanol) production kit during his broadcast today. Check out his website about the kits from Dogwood Energy company in Tenneesee. (
    Predictable that the TTB is concerned about uncontrolled alcohol production side-by-side with the ethanol.

  2. Lets get one thing stright, Dogwood Energy should be sued. There still plans belong to Robert Warren’s Charles 803 still. Everything they are selling is availuable for FREE on the internet. Every dang thing that they are selling. As far as the copper parts are concerned, they marked up the price by 35%. Dogwood Energy should give Mr. Warren the respect he deserves.

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  4. Dogwood energy should be sued and I plan on doing it.They are taking money from people and not giving them the products that they payed for!I purchased 5 tons of woodpellets from this company in april of 2006 and had a delivery date of August 2006.I called them the first week in August and was told my pellets would be delivered the last week in August…I called again august 27th and was told the first week in September!I called them again on september 7th and was told a few more weeks…I told them that was not it is november and I still havent got a refund from this company.this is a company that is just pretty much stealing peoples money and getting away with it..and for anyone ready this I heat my home with woodpellets and that is the only source of heat my home has!

  5. In response to Jonathan’s post on November 12 – there are HUNDREDS of people in the NY/NJ area that were ripped off by Dogwood Energy. These people, including myself, pre-paid for wood fuel pellets on the off-season and the pellets were never delivered nor were we given the refunds promised to us. The company is stealing the money from people buying wood pellets to perpetuate their ethanol still business.

  6. In response to Stacey 1/3 and Jonathan 11/12, I, too was ripped off by Dogwood. One of the employees told me they had sold 3000 tons of pellets (that’s about $600,000) to people in NY/NJ without having obtained their trucking permits. Did you happen to see on their web site last September them advertising several truck loads of “surplus” wood fuel pellets?! Those were ours! I have reported the company to the NYS Attorney General and hope others have, too. I agree with Stacey that it seems the company is ripping us off to fund their still business. We should all somehow come together in a class action suit.

  7. FYI – The TN Attorney General’s office has filed a complaint against Dogwood Energy. See the complaint here:

    If you filed a complaint with the BBB or a similar agency, and have not received a refund, you should be on the list of consumers the TN Attorney General has of those who are due refunds. Hopefully the AG wins the lawsuit, and the assets of Dogwood are sold off to pay us all back.

  8. Thank you, Stacey! I will file a complaint w/ TN AG and also inform NYS AG in case it is not yet aware of the TN case pending.

  9. I too purchased pellets from Dogwood Energy. They have had my money since Jan. 2006. $594.00 of it. I was promised delivery in May, June, July, August and then in Sept., 2006. I have called, emailed, sent letters, sent certified letters and I get “we are working on it”. I put in a complaint to the BBB in Sept.06 and was told that Dogwood was working on the problem and that they didn’t see any reason to file the complaint. Now you should check them out. Lots of complaints. My next stop, the Attorney Generals in NY and TN.

  10. Go for it, Laurie. I am so happy to finally find somewhere to compare notes with others ripped off by DE. I sent a package of all contacts I’ve had with DE to the TN Atty Gen and sent TN Atty Gen notice of proceedings to NY AG with an updated list of my many contacts and non-responses from DE. No doubt a solid case is being made; hopefully we will get full refunds (probably too much to hope that we would actually get a refund for the actual local cost of pellets and may be too much to hope for full refund if DE goes belly up) We have to all keep trying and band together against those hillbilly moonshine crooks.

  11. I called TN AG office today to see if they could give me information on where the case stands, but the woman who handles the case was out today so I was transferred to her voicemail. However, the woman I spoke with first suggested that if even though I filed a complaint with the BBB, to be safe, I should also file one with the TN Division of Consumer Affairs, who brought the case to the attention of the AG. To file a complaint with them, go to:

    On the bottom right side of the screen, under “Valuable Resources” is a link to “File a Complaint”.

  12. Thanks again Stacey. I will file the complaint with TN consumer affairs. I have also written a letter to the president of Heartland Energy who partnered with Dogwood for bio-diesel to be sure he knows just what kind of business Dogwood Energy really is. Hopefully DE gets into hotwater, big time.

  13. Hello everyone, Firefighters in Rhode Island were scammed by Dogwood also. We purchased 125 ton and never received the full order, we have been waiting for our refund with no avail. I have hired a private law firm to sue the company I will keep you posted as to our plight.

  14. Steve please see the other thread at

    There has been so much legal action against DWE that it is unlikely you will get anything going that route and will only incur tons of legal fees trying. Make sure you file a complaint with the Tennessee Attorney General’s office and the TN Division of Consumer Affairs – they already have a lawsuit filed against DWE and you can get your name on the list of customers that were never refunded. In addition, even if you paid with Paypal and it’s beyond Paypal’s time limit to dispute the charge, contact the credit card company directly and they will charge back Paypal – I got my money back that way since DWE never answered Paypal’s inquiries so Paypal couldn’t dispute my chargeback.

  15. We too were scammed in NJ (6 tons of pellets). To date, we have contacted Attorney General’s offices in NJ and TN, BBB, and the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). I intend to fight every day!

  16. I am still waiting for our wood pellets that we purchased over one year ago. We have made a complaint to the BBB of Tenn but they were useless. They are ripping off alot of people and this should be stopped.

  17. I just got a notice in the mail that Bill and Bonnie Sasher have filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It’s unlikely that you will receive a refund if you haven’t already.

  18. I just received the same notice. I also noticed the effective date at the bottom was 1/31/07 – and we’re just getting the notices now?! How scummy and calous can these people be?! ( I guess we’re finding out now)

  19. I could care less that they declared bankruptcy! They should be put in prison for scamming so many people. They knew what they were doing. My countless calls to them( they never called me once!) and they saying that the refund was in the mail was a big lie.
    Also FOX news did a segment on them last year about their wonderful ethanol plant. They should go back and make another segment on these low lifes!

  20. Prison is to good for them. Why should our tax dollars again go to these scumbags. Criminal justice, what a joke. What happened to victim justice. I can only hope. The what goes around,comes around theory. Comes around real soon to the Sashers.

  21. Now Dogwood Energy is under the name Continental bioindustries scamming away these peole should be stopped! Spread the word

  22. How is it that no one would or even could answer segun’s question. All they could do was trash Dogwood about their wood pellets. Does the still work or not?

  23. Dogwood Energy has assumed many names since – and is trying to slime out of reimbursing customers by going bankrupt. They have started two new websites to market their moonshine stills – one never got off the ground. Regardless of whether their still works or not – who would want to do business with them? Consider yourself forwarned.

  24. No one wants to admit that the still works because the ATF watches this website like my son watches Nickolodeon. If someone were to admit that the still worked, they would be hunted down and disposed of in short order. I am not trying to be sarcastic or humorous. Mr Segun probably is an ATF agent, but, yes, the still does work. I currently live in Japan so I am probably safe. While I was in America I purchased the pre-assembled version of the Dogwood still and it worked exactly as advertised. I was amazed. I did not know about the wood pellet situation – that is horrible! Also, I did not know about Robert Warren’s Charles 803 still. So I feel used a little, but at least I got something for my money.