California Dreaming

Cindy Zimmerman

Xethanol Xethanol Corporation is setting its sites westward. According to a company release, they have hired a west coast venture capitalist to explore strategic growth opportunities for Xethanol in the large and expanding California ethanol market. Christopher d’Arnaud-Taylor, Xethanol’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, says they are currently focused on the company’s east coast regional roll out (see previous post), but they want to be ready to tackle the California market when the time comes. “California’s demand for ethanol is about one third of the current US market. Almost all of the 900 million gallons of ethanol consumed in California in 2004, equal to more than $1.3 billion, was imported by rail or ship, mainly from Corn-Belt ethanol producers. California presently hosts production of only 8 million gallons per year at two small-scale operations, although there are ambitious plans to build several more plants that will primarily use corn as feedstock. We expect that California will be a huge opportunity for us to deploy cutting edge technologies for the conversion of low cost biomass and other waste streams to ethanol.”

Cellulosic, Ethanol