Another CHS and US BioEnergy Deal

Cindy Zimmerman

CHS CHS Inc., one of the nation’s leading energy and grain-based foods companies, and US BioEnergy Corporation, an ethanol production and management company, announced today they have entered into a joint ownership of an ethanol and biodiesel marketing company, according to a news release. CHS, which formed when Cenex and Harvest States Cooperatives merged in 1998, acquired 28 percent ownership in U.S. BioEnergy Corporation in November. (see previous post)
US Bioenergy CHS has marketed ethanol-blended fuels for more than 25 years and currently is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of blended fuel products at 500 million gallons annually, distributed through 64 terminals. CHS became a shareholder of US BioEnergy in November of 2005. US BioEnergy currently has two ethanol plants under construction, US Bio Albert City, a 100 million gallons/year (mgy) plant in Iowa and US Bio Woodbury, a 45 mgy plant in Michigan. In addition, US Bio Janesville, a 100 mgy plant in Minnesota and US Bio Hankinson, a 100 mgy plant in North Dakota are under development.

Biodiesel, Ethanol