ReFuel America Branded E-Diesel On The Way

Chuck Zimmerman

NewGen TechnologiesNow here’s a company that’s really into the domestic fuel business. Why not combine biodiesel and ethanol? No good reason obviously.

NewGen Technologies, Inc. announced today that in addition to the acquisition of three terminals for distribution of ReFuel America biofuels in the Southeast United States, the company will also launch its own ReFuel America branded and proprietary E-Diesel early next year.

NewGen’s E-Diesel is a blend of standard diesel fuel and ethanol that utilizes proprietary NewGen technology to maintain blend stability and increase certain fuel properties. City buses, stationary equipment and other vehicles currently running on standard diesel fuel account for a large portion of the world’s air pollution. The optimum blend of ethanol, diesel and other NewGen innovations can replace straight diesel fuel in these engines. Some American cities have already converted their bus fleets to E-Diesel on a test basis.

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