Vilsack Named Biofool of the Year

Cindy Zimmerman

Friends of the Earth (FOE) has named U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack the 2011 Biofool of the Year, the organization’s award that recognizes “leaders that promote dirty biofuels.” According to FOE, Vilsack received 2,424 votes of the more than 6,000 cast and they say he definitely deserves the honor. “With Secretary Vilsack at the helm, the USDA has doubled …

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Biofools or Bio-Heroes?

Cindy Zimmerman

It’s pretty much a badge of honor in the biofuels industry to be nominated by Friends of the Earth as “Biofool of the Year.” Growth Energy is calling this year’s nominees “Bio-Heroes” in a blog post today. “Critics of biofuels would go to great lengths to distort the truth and smear the records of supporters. One doesn’t have to look …

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Friends of the Earth Biofools Day Nominees

Cindy Zimmerman

Friends of the Earth (FOE) has announced this year’s nominees for the organization’s “Biofool of the Year” award. Among the nominees are the publishers of Domestic Fuel, myself and my husband/partner Chuck Zimmerman. The award was established by FOE “to recognize leaders that promote dirty biofuels” – especially corn ethanol – and was won last year by then House Agriculture …

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Green Fuel Biodiesel Finds Green Party Opposition

John Davis

A political party that claims to back environmentally friendly causes has inexplicably come out against biodiesel, even though the feedstock for the green fuel would actually remove waste from a landfill. The SF Weekly blog says San Francisco’s Green Party has come out against a proposal to make biodfiesel in the city: The Examiner reported this morning that a facility …

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